10 best tips to use AC at low cost!

Many do not want to turn on AC due to fear of excess electricity bills. Let’s say that some effective tips for using AC power less electricity!

This year hot has been too. Summer not only in Bangladesh but in other countries, temperature has become intolerable. To reduce the heating, many are buying and using air conditioning or AC. Many do not want to turn on the AC due to fear of being over electricity bills again. On the other hand, keeping AC always bad is also bad for the environment. What is the way? Let’s take a look at some tips to run AC at low cost-

1) Keep the temperature in control

Do not keep under 78 degree Fahrenheit or 26 degree Celsius temperature. This is the temperature of our country’s electricity department. To reduce too much electricity will cost more, even because loading shedding is not impossible. When you go to sleep, you can increase the temperature further.

2) Turn off if not needed

Do not keep the AC all day or all night Use the AC only when it feels unbearable. If you leave the house then close the AC. Check out whether the room is running AC at the time of leaving the house.

3) Use the fan

Do not reduce the excessive temperature of the AC by 25 to 26 degree Celsius and leave the fan. The room will cool down quickly. Also, use the exhaust fan during cooking so that the kitchen heat does not spread throughout the house.

4) Keep the doors of the house closed

In the house that is AC, try to sit with everyone in the house. Close the doors of other rooms.To make a house cool, electricity will cost less. When the door is open, there will be more pressure on the AC to cool the other houses.

5) See whether the window doors are closed well

In many homes there is a gap between window-doors and walls. Due to these things the house does not want to be cold. Repair these spaces. This will work well in AC.

6) Keep the AC clean

Keep regular AC clean. Clean yourself or clean skilled workers. They will be the way to contact the AC shop they buy.

7) Use the screen during the day

If the heavy screen is stretched in front of the window and door, the sun can not warm the house after sunrise. As a result, it is not necessary to run AC often.

8) Take the doors and windows open at night

If the temperature is low in the night, then you can close the AC and open doors and windows.The cold wind will move in the house.

9) Keep the fan speed low

Do not raise the AC fan speed even if the temperature is high. If the moisture is high in the air then you can only give high speed.

10) Use less gadget

Computers, TVs, washing machines, dryers – Use these when no temperature is around during the night, when the temperature decreases. These gadgets increase the temperature. You can use LED lights instead of normal light.

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