Clashes with police in Aftabnagar

In the capital of Aftabnagar in the capital demanding safe roads, police chase and counter-attacks occurred with students of East West University.

Police fog and counter-attacks occurred with students of East West University in Aftabnagar, protesting the demand for a safe road. At the time, the police were seen taking part in the stick with the youth. Students and witnesses said that the youths of BCL-Volunteer League workers.Police threw tear shell to disperse the students.

On 6th August, at around 11 am, students and students clashed with police clashes. Earlier, police stopped the students if they took the road.













Young people are chasing students. The police behind. Photo:

Students complained that BCL activists stopped the way while returning home after completing a student class at around 10:30 am. After the incident in front of Abatabadi police outpost, the student went to the camp to cry after crying, the students went to the spot and stayed on the main road.

The agitated students were protesting in front of Aftabenagar Police Outpost and torched. At the time, the police threw a few rounds of tear shell in response to the counter. At one stage, more police came from Badda and Rampura thanas.




















Police position in the front of Jahirul Islam City gate in Aftabnagar.

Students complain that the BCL activists have abused their classmate alone, they beat them.But the student did not blame. But the matter was reported in front of police outpost, but police members did not protest.

Witnesses said that the student will go to the Rampura Bridge only via the gate of the gate of the gate. During this time some activists of the BCL called him and stopped him and made remarkable comments.

The police threw tear shells to remove students from the streets. At that time, a group of youths chased after the students took position in front of the campus. Witnesses said that among the youth, the activists of BCL and Volunteer League were present.

The youths who were holding the stick were seen to stay with the police. Youth youth thrashed when students jumped into the university campus.












The police threw tear shell to move the students.

Motijheel Police Station DC Anwar Hossain said the students came to attack the police outpost in Aftabnagar. Before that they took to the streets. They have been resisted.

It is not known how many students were injured in this incident. The students and students of the campus took the position of two and a half to two in the university campus.

At around 3:15 pm, students from BRAC and North South University came from Badda and Juhirul Islam chased Jubo League-BCL and police who were in the main gate of the city.Chasing the students, the BCL and Jubo League workers became disoriented. After 10 minutes after the chase-counter, police threw tear shells to the students. At that time, the students of BRAC and North South University tried to attack Badda Police outpost and demanded that the police be attacked.

On the other hand, the students of East West University went to the roof of the campus and started throwing bricks targeting the Jubo League-BCL and the police. The university authorities said hundreds of students were trapped in the campus.

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