DataSoft is assembling smart gadgets IOT

The tech firm celebrates export of IoT device to Saudi Arabia

After two decades as a software developer DataSoft Systems has started large-scale assembly of a wide range of gadgets, a giant stride forward for the pioneering firm as it looks to emerge as Bangladesh’s first complete tech brand.

The company now assembles Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart wrist bands and two types of laptops at its plant in Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City in Gazipur, with the view to further consolidating its brand in the global market.

DataSoft has earned a reputation as a purveyor of innovative and cost-effective software solutions around the world, counting Fortune 500 companies as its clients.

“Our company develops different ICT solutions, but right now we are focusing more on IoT devices as we believe that this technological evaluation will be a game-changer for us,” said Mahboob Zaman, managing director of DataSoft.

IoT is a computing concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices.

The devices communicate with one another and act on the information they get from each other, without any human intervention.

DataSoft set up the country’s first IoT lab in its office at Shyamoli in Dhaka two years ago, and on Tuesday the company shipped to Saudi Arabia 100 IoT devices that will solve the water supply management crisis faced by Mecca city dwellers. Mecca does not have a central water system and the inhabitants get by with portable water tanks.

More often than not, the households cannot tell when the tanks are nearing depletion; they only find out when the supply has ended, creating great inconvenience for them.

Now, thanks to the $450-device developed by DataSoft, the households will get an alert when the water level in the portable tanks hits 10 percent, indicating a change or refill is in order.

DataSoft made the devices for Sakn Alwantaniya, a renowned real estate company of Saudi Arabia. The firm plans to take 5,000 more devices if the first lot works successfully, Zaman said.

To mark the historic shipment, DataSoft organised an event in its factory housed inside the country’s first tech industrial park.

ICT and Telecom Minister Mustafa Jabbar, ICT secretary Begum Juena Aziz, Managing Director of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Hosne Ara Begum and President of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services Sayed Almas Kabir attended the event.

Bangladesh was known only as a digital device importing country even a few years back, Jabbar said. “Now, DataSoft is taking the lead with the export of digital devices,” he added.

The company is currently working on an order for smart wrist bands from a care provider in the US and face recognition solution for surveillance, access control and security measures.

It has also started work to set up a plant to make two kinds of education and corporate laptops under the brand of Talpata.

Also in its plans is a pocket laptop that can transform any smart television into a computer and a smart whiteboard solution for corporate and educational purposes, Zaman said.

DataSoft is also developing an artificial intelligence system for 10,000 smart apartments in Tokyo and IoT solutions for a bridge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which will notify of the bridge’s condition and weight of the vehicles.

“Lots of smart home solutions are ready for instant order,” Zaman said, adding that they are taking orders for custom-built IoT solutions for both local and international clients.


Source: The Daily Star

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