How to travel to Kuakata Beach

Kuakata beach location of Patuakhali district Kalapara thana lutachapli Union. The Kuakata Beach about 18 km long (Kuakata Sea Beach) can be seen from the sunrise and the sunset at the same time. This feature is unique from all beaches to Kuakata. The best Sunrise seen from the eastern end of the beach turning gangamtir. And the best place to see the sunset is West of Kuakata beach. The beach is on the other side the large sea on one side and rows of coconut trees. Flawless beautiful clean beaches, the Kuakata Beach, digantajora Sunil sky and man has different levels of forest ruve Kuakata.

Kuakata Beach almost all year round fishermen fishing scene. On the beach you can rent a bike and horse.The amount of money rent usually depends on the time and distance. In addition, there are several agents to Kuakata. Go on an exciting speedboat, fishing trawler and engine powered large boats are available. In addition to the beach picnic Kuakata and all.

Places to visit in Kuakata

Dried pallim: Rural location in Kuakata Beach on the Western side. Here is basically made of dried season from November to March. Fish from the sea dried up next to the beach. If you can spend some time at this time fishermen. And low prices you can buy dried a variety of options.

Crab Island: Kuakata Sea Beach in the East for quite far ahead crab island or crab Island famed place eyes.Wander on the beach solitude here thousands of Red crabs. Travel time of the season from October to March from quacat Beach crab found in the speed boat to the island.

Gangamtir forest: East end Beach gangamtir Canal came to Kuakata. From this place is the gangamtir forest. Different species of trees in this forest and various kinds of birds, forests, birds, chickens, monkey cock etc. Many of the forest known as the gajamatir forest.

Fat of the forest: the beach is located west of river bank forests of fat from the start. It has almost all features of the Sundarbans forest. The monkey, wild boar forest cock here, and various birds are found. If you go to the forest of fat from Kuakata engine boats to rent.

Kuakata dowser: the history behind the name Kuakata is well now and witness of history. You can see this well be the resident Rakhine people keraniparay. To enter you will see ancient well at epadaya.

It is considered the motherland in 1784 was driven away from the banks of the Bay of Bengal in the Rakhine rangabali island. Sea salt water use, are inappropriate because they’re dug a well for water he sweet spot gradually became known by the name of Kuakata.

The ancient Buddhist mondira limits the range in front of a Wells Kuakata and Buddhist temples. A few years ago broke building this temple made of wood. This temple is in the heart of a nearly 37 cannons, ancient Buddhist statues.

Keranipara: a Buddhist temple border road ahead is the abode of Rakhine keranipara. Very efficient and Rakhine women clothes to create the blanket of winter bunne very attractive.

Mishripara Buddhist eight kilometers from Kuakata Beach mondira Rakhine, a Buddhist temple is another village of mishriparay. Reportedly the largest Buddha statue in the temple at upamahadesher.

Kuakata Sea beach information

How to go

River Road from Dhaka to Kuakata. Launch in Dhaka sadarghat in Kuakata and meritorious or from Barisal.If you want to go by bus from Dhaka and Barisal in Kuakata. However, the most practical and comfortable considering the river way better to go Kuakata. Dhaka’s sadarghat launch terminal from launch to go by bus from Kuakata. Or launch from Barisal by bus from there to sadarghat in Kuakata.

Dhaka is meritorious from Kuakata
After the afternoon-9, the Sundarbans from the sadarghat Kuakata-1, m.v. Prince offspring-7, Kohls-7, the Sundarbans-11, m.v. and Khan-1 and left to go back to launch. These launch first class single fare from 800 to 1000 rupees cabin, double cabin for rent money and rent out to 3500 from 1800 200-300. Ships of Patuakhali Terminal. Amtali Valley or go on launch that can launch Ghat. Patuakhali launch Ghat bus stand in the bus going from auto to Kuakata. Long 2ghonter, 130-150 rent money. Or the bus down to 50 ghante amtali, 70taka will go on rent Kuakata.

In Barisal launch in Kuakata from Dhaka

For the purposes of Barisal after dusk more from sadarghat launch leave. In the morning, Barisal. Launch of the fare per capita to 150-200 rupees. Launch first class single and double cabin class from 700 to 3,500 rupees. Borshal lanchhath from rupatli bus stand in Kuakata and a bus to get up and go. It will take 3 hours. Rent 180-250 Taka. In addition, rent a car can go Kuakata from Barisal by it.

Bus from Dhaka in Kuakata
Dhaka’s gabtali bus stand from Sakura transport, speed transport, for transport in Kuakata. These bus fare from 650 700 per capita. In addition, every morning and night, one bus terminus for buses from Kuakata kamlapur leave.

Kuakata and where to stay

For the stay of tourists quaqatai a variety of quality residential hotel. According to the quality and class of these hotels you will be able to stay at 400-5, 000. Ma tamuty mean for 100-1500 for hotel rooms. If you share will cost less. In addition to public holidays and the season went in the hotel needs to heart. And of course they will damadami. Quayatar hotels madhaye

Youth in hotel: tourist Corporation from this hotel in 1500 5000 rupees in various quality rooms rent, phone: 04428-56207.
Holiday in the Hotel Tourist Hotel Homs: Corporation’s various rooms available at 800 to 2000. Phone: 04428-56004.

Tourism Corporation these two hotel booking from tourism headquarters in Dhaka. Contact: 02-881110902-989288.

Several facilities including the graver in hotel: this hotel according to different standards of rooms 3000-5000. Contact: 01833-318380.
Sea view hotel: room rent 800-2000.
Beach haven Resort: AC and non AC single room rent is 600-1000.
Sea girl: rent is 1200-2000.

In addition, quaqatai hotel, hotels, hotel quacat, hotel in Banani Palace antimony, Hotel Golden Palace etc.

Beauty of

Food facilities

Quaqatai hotels have their own restaurants for their guests. In addition, various local restaurants and domestic food.

Low cost Kuakata tour plan

What will be the cost of it depends on when you go, where to stay, what to eat, how to and what to see. Transportation cost is usually in addition to public holidays of the season or in relatively low-cost hotel accommodation and motorcycle travel. You think of a day in expenses and to tour plan. That cost will be. Just get this idea from.

Kuakata tour plan

Check in the hotel first day spent the afternoon on the beach. For the evening, a motorcycle rented three rivers flow through the forest of lemon sunset. The next day, early in the morning (before the Sun) is read out. Go to the motorcycle gangamtir pirate. Sunshine and Red Scorpion inhabiting from Rakhine, rural, quayakatar wells, Buddhist temple, 200-year-old boats return to the hotel to see the spot, etc. After noon if you want to go through the forest of fat. Turned in at 5 am before launching go be fat for the launch Valley of pirate you will want to visit from the list. Or the night bus in Dhaka.

1st check in at the hotel in the morning. Sumuddrasnan the lunch meal. Rent a motorcycle after noon will be 600-800. In the evening, three river flow of lemon sunset.

2nd day: in the morning 4:30 will take you the motorcycle moving gangamtir ayala Rai. Suryaday, red Scorpion inhabiting Rakhine Palli, way back at the market, wells, Buddhist temple, 200 years old will see the boat hotel. After eating lunch in the forest around the fat gradually. The night will turn in the car. If you want to return must launch evening 5:00 ago patuakhali lanchhath. In that case the day Fatah-the forest plan will be removed from.
You can get back to a launch in Barisal. The last launch in Dhaka from Barisal night 9:00 pm.

The cost of trips to Kuakata
Dhaka-go launch: TK 300 cabin deck 1000/2000.
Patuakhali-Kuakata bus: 140.
Dhaka-Kuakata bus: 650.
Kuakata Hotel: about quality hotel rented single-1000 double 1500 rupees.
Motorcycle rental: in two days for 600-800 k.
Breakfast: two two-day, 100-200 per capita.
Lunch: two two-day, 300-400 per capita tuck.
Dinner: two-day dinner, 300-400 per capita.
Other costs: 500.

Attention: any tourist place, our resources, our country’s resources. The natural beauty of these places, or refrain from doing something harmful to others and encourage. Care of our country, to be responsible for all of the country and the US.















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