Ivanka Trump stopped its established fashion brand

The fashion house of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, started selling various types of design jewel.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump . In 2014, Ivanka launched a fashion brand in her own name. The beginning of his fashion company was the selling of various types of jewelry from the design. After that, the brand was added to various products including clothes, bags, fashion. Slowly, the Ivanka brand became popular. But on Tuesday Ivanka announced that it will close its established fashion brand.

According to the US Today report, in 2017, the United States White House Trump Advisor as an adviser to join as Ivanka But simultaneously, the management of advisory positions and business operations are excluded from US regulations. So from the last year, the fashion brand of Ivanka was questioned.

Ivanka said in a statement about closing its fashion brand, “When we started the fashion company, nobody could think that the company would be so successful. Cut the tree for 17 months to join as an adviser. I do not know whether I can go back to my own business. But now I have my main goal in Washington itself. What I am doing is my future. ‘

Ivanka also said, ‘For so many days I have worked with a great team. Those who gave inspiration to me and countless women. Although we are not keeping our mission together again. Even after that I know that we will move forward towards our destination. “

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