Real Madrid’s jersey made of plastic

Coral Pinch jerseys received huge acceptance from fans.
















Marcelo and Lucas Vásquez on the third jersey of the season
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Real Madrid home and stay kit matched in the new season. It is officially introduced on Tuesday with the third jersey. Interestingly, this jersey has been made to recycling the plastic waste of the sea.

Champions League winners in the pre-season match against Roma on Tuesday, after the jersey made of plastic junk float in the sea. Adidas, a sporting manufacturer, has created this special jersey from floating bottles in the sea. There is a strip on jersey caller, written for the ‘Sea’.

Earlier, in 2016, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich were forced to play a match in their respective league with a jersey. And this time the jersey that puts Real on the whole season.

Coral Pinch jersey fans fans have already received wide acceptance. But the first time the ecologists have placed on the preference list. Because the Spanish giants made jerseys for environmental protection.

This jersey created by Adidas has already been released in the market for supporters. To join the movement for protection of the environment, a supporter will count about 64.95 pounds, the amount of Bangladeshi coins, which is about 7 thousand 100 rupees.

Real Madrid is not the first team to save the environment, who took this initiative. Earlier, clubs like Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munich also played such roles in their third jersey this season.

Source: The Sun

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